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Why The Fish Tank Coffee Table Is Dreaded By Fish

If I were a fish I would hope and prey I did not go to a modern trendy home where the owners liked the latest craze. At the moment the latest trend is the fish tank coffee table. Although this type of aquarium looks stunning it is a death trap for fish. They are beautiful looking items of furniture and become the centre of attraction since you cannot fail to see and admire it.

Why the Fish Tank Coffee Table are Called Death Traps for the Fish?

The fish tank coffee table is a great piece of interior home décor; however, the same fish tank coffee table is actually murdering the fish. The reason they are cruel to marine life is because this type of aquarium gives very little place for installing proper filters, and it allows very little maintenance. The fish have height but they need the width as well in order to feel comfortable. The fish actually feel very uncomfortable if they have to swim between the different heights that make the fish tank coffee table.A solution to this problem would be mechanical fish.

If you do not want your fish in this type of aquarium to die a slow and very painful death then the best solution is to replace your live fish with mechanical fish. This way your fish tank coffee table stays as a splendid interior decoration piece without harming anyone or anything.

A Modern Looking Fish Tank Coffee Table

If you must have live fish in your fish tank coffee table then a large rectangular one would be best. This would also enable you to install adequate filters underneath the base of the table. This type of aquarium will be better for fish to live. So in order for the fish to be comfortable, they will need to be accommodated in a rectangular and long aquarium. The larger the surface the more fish can live in there.

Alternative Fish Tank Coffee Tables That Do Not Have Live Fish!

There is another choice for people who really must have a fish tank coffee table and do not like the idea of mechanical fish. You can fill a tank with colorful decorations and plants and add to it oxygen pumps which let out small and big bubbles. This, in combination with good lighting, can be as beautiful as an aquarium, without making you guilty of any cruelty. There are some lovely looking plants and colored stones and ornaments which are available to buy at very cheap prices and would really make your display the centre of attention.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: A Fun Snack

Most people have some form of sweet tooth, and many also like the taste and smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Though the tastes of sweets and that of coffee are very different, they make a great match, since sugar helps to offset the slightly acidic bitterness of coffee. One of the best examples of this is the great taste of chocolate covered coffee beans. If you’re a coffee lover, a chocolate lover, or both, chocolate covered coffee beans make a great snack.

A Marriage of Flavors

Chocolate and coffee work well together, so much that some chocolates in Europe will have recommended servings that include serving with coffee, particularly dark chocolates. However, any kind of chocolate can make great chocolate covered coffee beans, even white chocolate. This sweet, crunchy snack gives you the mellow flavor of one of the favorite candies in the world with the tang and aroma of coffee. And even better, this is a snack with kick, since you’ll get a little caffeine rush from eating chocolate covered coffee beans.

Making Your Own

Some people are serious enough about their coffee to buy their own beans and grind them. If you’re serious about your coffee, then you can be just as serious about your chocolate covered coffee beans. By purchasing your own beans and chocolate, you’re guaranteed a quality product.

Making this great snack food is a snap; all you need is a pot to carefully melt the chocolate in, and some sort of device, whether a fork or a strainer, to remove the beans. Once the chocolate is melted, simply place the beans in the pot to coat, and then remove with the fork. Set on wax paper to harden overnight, and you’ll have a great snack that you made from scratch.

Buying Beans

The selection of coffee beans can be important in the making of chocolate covered coffee beans. You want to buy a medium or dark roast, since a light roast will simply be too acidic for chocolate covered coffee beans. This is one reason why chocolate covered espresso beans are a popular sell, since it’s a very dark roast.

You can bring out interesting flavor combinations with your chocolate covered coffee beans by purchasing flavored beans. Usually considered inferior by aficionados for creating a brew, they can add an extra kick to chocolate covered coffee beans. Give making this sweet, crunchy, snack a try and you’re sure to get hooked!

Caribou Coffee Offers Good Brew, Great Atmosphere

Caribou coffee may be the second-largest coffee retailer in the United States, but taste tests have ranked them first in flavor in recent years. The company, which began in Minnesota, now includes over 460 coffee shops that are located in 18 states throughout the eastern and central regions of the country. It is second only to the Starbucks Corporation in terms of size and number of stores. The history of Caribou Coffee has had its highs and lows since it was founded in 1992, but the origins of the company are interesting and inspiring to up and coming entrepreneurs.

In 1990, the founding members of Caribou Coffee, John and Kim Puckett took a trip to the wilderness of Alaska. After climbing to the top of Sable Mountain, they encountered a breathtaking view of the valley below – complete with a herd of caribou running by. They took this vision home to Minnesota with them, and two years later they opened the first Caribou Coffee shop in Edina, Minnesota. This inspiration that began the path to their dream has resulted in a company that strives for the highest quality of products and service in the coffee market today.

What does Caribou Coffee Offer?

In addition to a great, laid back atmosphere that can be compared to a ski lodge or a wilderness cabin, Caribou offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages as well as baked goods to warm your bones and tantalize your taste buds. The menu includes most of the beverages that you would expect to find in your basic coffee shop today, including espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. They also offer blended drinks with and without coffee, depending on your preference. Tea is another common item found at Caribou Coffee, and comes in a variety of types and flavors. Make sure to check out the selection of “Wild Drinks” as well, which include the signature concoctions unique to the Caribou Coffee stores.

A couple of years ago, this company also began a bakery side of the business which includes items like cinnamon rolls, muffins and scones to go with the beverage of your choice. There are even sandwiches available, so that you can enjoy your coffee at lunch time as well. For those die hard Caribou Coffee fans, there is also a selection of clothing available that sports the Caribou Coffee label.

While Caribou Coffee has had its share of growing pains over the years as the business has developed, there is no doubt that the company offers a quality product that many consumers enjoy. If you have never tried the beverages from Caribou, why not give it a try today?

Is Your Coffee Making You Feel Sick? There Is A Healthy Choice

Coffee is so popular you’d think it must be the right thing to drink. But there are many health drawbacks to the normal coffee. It may be your morning pick-me-up and your midday pick-me-up, but normal coffee can be a real put-down for your health.

Obviously not everyone feels that way. After all, coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with 1.4 billion cups consumed every day. Four out of five Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day. In Canada it is the most popular hot beverage.

But the list of health problems associated with coffee is a real wake-up call itself.

Some of the problems that the caffeine in coffee causes are preventable and in fact urgent to prevent. For example, caffeine increases your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure, and can contribute to the development of heart disease.

Anxiety and irritability are also associated with too much caffeine intake.

The high acid content of most coffees can lead to gastrointestinal problems because coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid leading to an increased risk for ulcers. Coffee, including decaf, reduces the pressure on the valve between the oesophagus and the stomach so that the highly acidic contents of the stomach pass up to the oesophagus leading to heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. With America’s high consumption of coffee, its no wonder the best selling over-the-counter drugs are the so-called antacids.

Besides its direct effect on the human body, there is also the issue of the use of chemicals and pesticides on the coffee beans (as well as on other food crops). Pesticides and chemicals used in agriculture contain a myriad of chemicals – most of which are have not been studied thoroughly enough to understand or contemplate their long-term effects on the human body.

So, am I telling you to give up coffee? NOT exactly. Rather, I want you to know that there is an alternative to the normal coffee, the normal coffee that plays such a part in your decreasing health, even as it purports to elevate your mood and energy.

The alternative I’m talking about is a real coffee (not a coffee substitute) grown and processed organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones or artificial fertilizers. It’s a coffee that actually helps to remove toxins from your body, and with every cup you drink, you can feel better and realize increasing health benefits.

And, in fact, this particular coffee tastes good.

This new healthy coffee has been known to increase oxygen to your brain, help balance your weight, and boost your overall health. The secret ingredient is an extract from the Reishi mushroom known as Ganoderma Lucidum. Its literal root is the term Reishie Senshi, of ancient Asian origin, meaning, “goodness of health, life and eternal youth.”

Unlike your average coffee bean, which is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops, these coffee beans are grown and processed organically without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. This healthy coffee will help remove toxins from your body and boost your immune system. With every cup that you drink you can feel revived, rejuvenated and experience increased health benefits.

As for taste, this coffee is known to be delicious. In fact, not only health reasons, but pure and simple taste is one reason that many people are switching to Ganoderma.

Health issues, however, are a very important reason that more and more people are switching to Ganoderma. Its essential ingredient, Reishi mushrooms, has been used as an immune stimulant for both HIV or cancer patients and has even been found to improve immune response in advance-stage cancer victims. These mushrooms have also been used to help the healing of lungs for people with asthma and lung disorders. The ancient Asian civilizations began using Reishi mushrooms centuries ago and still used today for hypertension, liver disorders and arthritis.

As it’s low in caffeine, it won’t have negative affect on sleep patterns either.

So, it seems that coffee connoisseurs, or just the normal everyday drinker like me, can have a real coffee (not a substitute) that can help improve our lifestyle and health.

Just imagine a coffee that can boost your immune system, increase your circulation and just make you feel better. I’ve found that since switching to Ganoderma healthy coffee, I can have as much or more enjoyment of my daily cups of coffee, and have no more worries about negative physical or psychological effects.

Now that’s something to drink to!

Blue Mountain Coffee – The Taste Of Jamaica

Coffee beans get their flavor from the climate where they are grown. The Blue Mountains in Jamaica offer some of the finest coffee beans ever found. The Blue Mountains are named for the blue mist that hovers over the mountains at all times. Located on the beautiful island of Jamaica, these mountains offer the perfect climate for growing fantastic coffee beans. This lush, tropical region benefits from plenty of rainfall, giving the soil the rich quality needed for growing the gourmet Blue Mountain coffee.

The beautiful Blue Mountains stand at almost 7,500 feet above the sea and make a stunning backdrop for the pristine white beaches These mountains house over 194,000 acres which are protected as part of the rain forests. There are many different species of birds and plants which can only be found in these mountains.

Blue Mountain coffee beans were originally brought to the Jamaican Islands by Sir Nicholas Lawes who hoped the climate would prove productive for these special beans. Since 1728 these beans have continued to produce extremely well and today coffee is the biggest export of these islands. Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world and Japan imports a large part of this coffee.

Blue Mountain coffee offers a bold, rich taste which is also smooth and sweet. It is grown on small farms instead of being mass produced. Often it is difficult to obtain because of the high demand for the succulent flavor which can only be found in the Jamaican mountain ranges. It is often referred to as the champagne of coffees because of its bold, rich taste. It is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

The Threat to Blue Mountain Coffee’s Existence

Blue Mountain coffee is closely monitored by local Jamaican officials to insure the supreme quality associated with its name. These officials grade the quality of the coffee bean before they place it in specific categories. There is close regulation with strict rules which must be met before the coffee bean is offered for sale.

Recent climate changes have posed a threat to Jamaica’s most precious resource. Hurricane Ivan posed a real threat to not only the coffee industry, but the islands themselves. Ivan is just one of a long line of hurricanes which have threatened the islands over the span of only a few years. In 1988 Hurricane Gilbert caused considerable damage to the coffee crop which resulted in a drastic price increase. Each time the island sustains a hit it takes longer for them to rebound which in turn makes the Blue Mountain coffee almost as precious as gold.

From Green Coffee Beans To Aromatic Powder

Coffee does not exist in the form that we are used to purchasing it in at the stores. Coffee comes in the form of green coffee beans that grow on the coffee plant. These green coffee beans are then collected from coffee plantations and are sent to places to be roasted, ground and finely crushed to make the coffee powder that you are use to purchasing at your local store.

The Processes that Green Coffee Beans Undergo

There is a process that these green coffee beans must go through before they actually become coffee powder. Firstly, the beans must be picked from the coffee plantations. This is usually done by hand by laborers who get paid for each basket that they pick. Then, since coffee beans have a fruity flesh that directly wraps around the coffee bean, once they are gathered this flesh has to be removed right away. This is done by soaking the beans, scouring them and then mechanically rubbing the bean.

Once the green coffee bean is free from its fruity flesh it is then cleaned with water. This is done in order to remove any of the fruity flesh that may still be sticking to it, as well as any additional sugars that are on it. The beans are then dried by spreading them over a large concrete or rock plane where they are dried by a combination of the air and direct sunlight.

After the beans have been dried it is time for the beans to be put into categories that are based upon the color and the size of the coffee bean. Any beans that are discolored, decayed or damaged are removed from the other beans at this point.

When the beans are finally dried, they are then roasted. This process is important if you want an aromatic cup of coffee. At this time, the coffee bean will actually expands to nearly twice that of what its initial size was. It will also change color and density as it takes in heat. The color turns to yellow and then to a light cinnamon brown. At this point the coffee beans will start to crack, just like popcorn does. As coffee is grown in different parts of the world, varying climate conditions and other factors also play a role in how the beans are processed. The final product is then crushed into the savory coffee powder which we are accustomed to seeing.

The Unseen Dangers Of Coffee Cup Warmers

Coffee cup warmers will sell in every major supermarket by the year 2010, and they are more dangerous than electric blankets. More than 22% of house fires start by electrical item such as the coffee cup warmer. Most Americans today find some convenience in the common household coffee cup warmer. Our fast-paced lives do not allow us to slow down, stop at the microwave and reheat for the tenth time our chilled coffee. So low and behold the coffee cup warmer. Just plug this in anywhere you have an available outlet, seems easy enough. What most of us do not realize that in this fast-paced atmosphere we also do not have time to baby-sit this wonder product? Every label on electronic items like the coffee cup warmer reads, “Do not leave unattended”. Why this is so confusing to us, I do not know. Repeatedly the news blares out yet another incredible house-fire from electrical items left unattended.

Office Dangers

Most fast-paced work areas have use for an item such as the coffee cup warmer. It is much more attractive to have right at you desk with-in an inch of your mouse a heating element that conveniently keeps you from running to the microwave. Unfortunately, there are office meetings, phone calls, lunch, and just plain being busy. We are far too busy in fact to keep our eye on the coffee cup warmer. Just one piece of mail or small sticky note falling onto the heating element, this is all it takes and you are the next big news story.

Elderly and Coffee Cup Warmers

Some may think that the elderly have nothing but time to keep their eye on this very compact death unit. I must contest this sort of wayward thinking. The dangers of our poor little grandmas and grandpas using a coffee cup warmer are a little more straightforward. As we get on in age, the tendency towards dementia is a little more apt to happen. More than 10% of Americans today are living independently with some form of dementia. Coffee cup warmers are a popular gift to our elderly relatives. These little units have the capability of getting as hot as a 250-degree oven. This is hot enough to stick the skin right to the unit. One might think that it might hurt a little when an incident like that happens, but we Americans still keep buying these little miracle units. Consider yourself warned!

The Simplicity Of French Press Coffee

Although there are different methods for producing a great cup of coffee - from instant coffee to complex cappuccino machines - most people tend to make theirs with the simplicity of an electric coffee maker. But there are other methods accessible to you that can make a great cup of coffee, such as French press coffee. If you haven’t seen one in use, then you’re missing out on a simple way to produce a rich cup of coffee.

The Pot

The main hardware for French press coffee is the plunger pot, and it’s basically all you need in order to make coffee with this method. It consists of a small jug with a sort of plunging mechanism on top. This plunger has a sort of mesh on it which is used to filter out the coffee grounds. In order to make French press coffee, you add water directly to the grounds in your plunger pot and let it steep for a few minutes. You then push down on the plunger to filter out the grounds from the liquid. The making of French press coffee is no more difficult than that, easy enough for anyone to operate.

The Coffee

When you grind your beans for French press coffee, you want to shoot for a coarse grind, since larger pieces will get filtered out better by the mesh of the plunger. French press coffee will produce a stronger brew than you’ll get with a coffee machine, which is great if you like a coffee with a lot of flavor. Keep in mind that with this method, there will be some small particles in the coffee after pouring. This is normal, and it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong.

One thing to know about French press coffee is that it should be served right away, since the water and grounds are still in contact. If you wait too long, the mix will become unpleasantly acidic. So don’t make French press coffee and expect it to be good for a second cup in an hour. For this reason, most plunger pots are small in size.


French press coffee is remarkably easy to make and low-tech, since you can make it without electricity. For this reason, it’s great on camping trips, since the plunger pot fits easily in a backpack and can be used outdoors. Similarly, for those traveling without guarantee of a coffee machine at their destination, a French press coffee jug can fit easily in your travel bag and ensures you can have a cup wherever you go. With the convenience, ease of use, and flavor that French press coffee making provides, it is sure to be a hit with you and your family.

Counting Calories In Coffee While Dieting

If you look at any label for any type of food or beverage, you will find out just how many calories or in the product. When it comes to coffee, you start out with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero nutritional value. Only when you begin to add the sweeteners, sugar and creamers do the calories in coffee begin to grow. Many people add coffee to their diets because of its stimulating effects. Coffee and the unwanted calories that are in it will give you the energy and endurance to keep going at a fast pace throughout your day. Just how many calories are in your favorite coffee drinks may actually surprise you. Learning about the coffee drinks and the calories included in them will help you adjust the amount you intake while following any diet plan you are on.

Counting Calories In Starbucks Coffee

Everyone seems to love Starbucks, and they have created so many delectable beverages, that once you taste them the calories seem to be unimportant to most of us. However, a person who is dieting needs to be aware of the calories in these coffee drinks. For instance, a Frappucino in a large cup yields an amazing three hundred and thirty-one calories. That’s a lot for a drink that started out at zero. Another example of a high calorie drink is a latte. A tall one has an amazing two hundred and ten calories. Most dieters would agree that these drinks would not be beneficial to their diets, but without doing the research on the calories in coffee drinks there is no way to know what they are actually consuming.

Low Calorie Coffee Tips

When you fix coffee to your liking, chances are you will add calories. There is however ways that you can cut down your intake of calories consumed in coffee.
Start by choosing a small cup, either eight or 12 ounces would be fine. When ordering, ask that your coffee be prepared with fat free milk. This can save you from up to 80 grams of fat. Use a sugar substitute instead of sugar. (1 tablespoon of sugar is 15 calories) You should always order coffee without cream, whipped cream, coffee syrups etc. when you are trying to cut back on the calories in your coffee.
A good way to limit the calorie intake is to refrain from more than one or two cups of coffee.

Did You Know…?

Did you know that in order to burn off the number of calories in one of the fancy coffee house drinks you would have to walk for 1 hour continuously? This would only burn off the coffee drink calories and nothing else.

Making A Coffee Gift Basket

When you are looking for a fun and creative gift idea, gift baskets are a great way to go. You can add your own personal touch to any gift basket. For the coffee lover in your life, you can create a gift basket that will be sure to satisfy their taste buds while letting them know you put a lot of thought into their gift. You can be very creative with a coffee gift basket, by adding a variety of flavors to this special package. When you make a coffee gift basket, it does not necessarily have to be in a basket. You could use a bag, box, pail or any other type of container. You can just let your creative juices flow. Once you have selected the container for your coffee gift basket, you are ready to begin filling it. This is where the fun comes in.

Filling Your Coffee Gift Basket

The first thing you want to put into your coffee gift basket is of coarse coffee. There are several types to choose from. Most prefer to add gourmet coffee beans as the center piece in the gift basket. You can find these at a grocery store or one of the many coffee houses. Some gourmet coffees can be purchased in a decorative bag that will add a touch of class to any coffee gift basket. You can also add some instant coffee as this is perfect for the coffee lover on the go. You might also find a few sample flavors of the coffee in smaller bags that will help fill the basket.


Once you have the coffee in your container, you should consider what types of flavorings you want to add to your gift basket. There are so many different coffee syrups on the market you will surly be able to find a few you think your coffee lover might enjoy. Add a few bottles of that and you are sure to add a smile to the recipients face. What about creamer? Some people enjoy creamer in their coffee and once again there is a wide variety to choose from. Your basket will start to become full by this time.

The Most Important Item

One of the most important items for a coffee gift basket would be a really nice coffee cup. This will be one of the best items you can add to your special present. This is where you can add a touch of personality to the gift. Whether it is a large or small cup, you need to have a coffee cup to complete the coffee gift basket.

The Popularity Of Flavored Coffee Drinks

While some people only drink coffee in order to wake up in the morning, others are very selective about the coffee that they drink. If you fall in the latter category, you should try gourmet coffee. This coffee comes from beans that have been grown around the world and then made into flavored coffee drinks, using special preparation techniques.

These types of flavored coffee are actually causing people to stand up and take notice of this beverage especially as people's tastes evolve. While they start out drinking coffee that has a lot of cream and sugar in them, over time they will put less and less cream and sugar and may even start to drink it black. With all of the different choices of flavored coffee available, maybe it is time for you to try something new.

Brief History of Flavored Coffee

In the 1990s, flavored coffee became very popular. However, this type of coffee can actually be traced back several centuries to the Turks. Over time, a lot of people have developed strong feelings about this type of coffee; either they love it or they hate it and only want to drink naturally flavored coffee.

Flavored coffee is made by adding flavored oils to the beans after they have been roasted and before they have been ground. Another way in which this coffee can be made is by adding liquid flavors to the coffee while it is being prepared, in much the same was as cream and sugar are added.

Types of Flavors

Generally speaking, there are four categories of this type of coffee. The first category includes flavors based upon spices such as clove, cinnamon, anise, and cardamom. Next, there are also some coffee flavors that are based upon fruits such as coconut or raspberry. Chocolate based flavors are the next type with the most common being chocolate mint. Lastly, some flavors are based upon nuts like vanilla, hazelnut or macadamia nuts. Crème coffees also have their share of followers; these include flavors such as Irish Creme or French Vanilla coffee.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways in which coffee can be prepared. There are also dark roast, light roast, espresso and regular coffee. After deciding on the blend, flavor and the roast, you have the option of drinking it black or with cream and sugar added.

Cold Coffee-Who Woulda Thought

"What is the last thing that your patrons taste/drink before leaving a restaurant ?" And if you do not believe me go out there and watch. Nearly everybody will toss back that last cold cup of coffee before leaving their table, therefore it is vitally important that your coffee tastes wonderful hot, warm or cold.

Now how can you be sure that your coffee tastes good.


Cleanliness is more important than godliness, therefore ensure that you not only clean your bowls every night (there must be a joke in that line somewhere), and your coffee supplier can give you urn cleaner to really clean them occasionally, or run them through the dishwasher. DO NOT FORGET THE BREW BASKET. This will be dirtier than everything else, so once again ensure that there is no oily residue, plus clean the showerhead, and the area around it. If you have an urn or dual system, ask your coffee supplier to come in and train/educate your staff on how to properly clean the equipment.


Many times I go into a restaurant to find the brewer is short-potting (no this is not a gardening term), and the remedy can be very simple. Adjust the timer or float mechanism. BUT, maybe the equipment is short potting because the water line (including the filter/strainer) or machine or showerhead is clogged with lime, or some other gunk. Cleaning and maybe de-liming is necessary. Remember that if your brew time is too long, your resulting (revolting) coffee will be bitter, with a burnt after-taste. It’s rather like drinking coal tar - although I must admit I cannot remember the last time I knocked back a shot of coal tar.

Also, ensure that the water coming out of the showerhead is at the correct temperature, too cold and you will underextract, too hot and we start going down the coal-tar path again. A simple thing to check (use an oral thermometer, not a r...... one), and then adjust the temperature on the thermostat as necessary.


A cup of coffee is 98% (approx) water, so if your water tastes lousy, your coffee will taste lousy. So test your faucet water by comparing it to the taste of a bottle of filtered water. And if necessary, put in a proper water filtration system. Remember your ice, soda, and cooking will all taste better.


The people responsible at your coffee roaster will cup (taste) coffees through the temperature range, right down to room temperature - specifically to address the question at the top of this page, and to ensure that the coffee tastes good even when its been sitting for a while in your coffee cup. The coffee cupper (and by the way the best tea tasters, coffee cuppers, and wine sommeliers are all women, this is because physiologically God built a woman’s mouth differently to a man, and women have much better taste buds than men ) will cup and blend the coffee so that the taste profile always remains the same. People do not want surprises when they first wake up, least of all in their coffee cup at 7am, therefore the job of cupping and blending is one of the most difficult in the world. Mind you, most people don’t want a surprise in their martinis about 12 hours later, so once again tasting and blending is vital.

Having determined that your coffee supplier/roaster (hopefully one and the same company) can roast and blend coffee well, lets look at packaging, and the whole bean versus fractional pack/ground coffee debate.

Your coffee supplier is loaning you brewing equipment, and if you want to do a whole bean programme (no that is not a spelling mistake), they will lend you a portion control/doser grinder. Now the grinder they lend you will be a proper commercial grinder, costing about $700. But just consider that your roaster uses a grinder where the blades alone cost upwards of $15,000, and your roaster is checking the degree of grind several times a day with very expensive and sophisticated equipment. Therefore what chance do you have with a $700 grinder of achieving a consistent grind? And just remember that your brewed coffee quality will vary enormously with the vagaries of heat and humidity playing havoc with the coffee particle size coming out of your grinder. Or you can buy fractional packs, which have been nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen and preserve freshness.

A doctorate in nuclear engineering is not required to understand that fractional packs will always produce a better, and more consistent brew than a whole bean programme. The difference between local/regional coffee roasters is not in the roasting. Anyone can set themselves up as roaster. Even you. Buy some green beans and toss them into your hot air popcorn popper, and Voila you have air-roasted some coffee. And provided you didn’t cremate them, they probably smell wonderful. No, the difference in coffee roasters is how they buy the coffee, where they buy their coffee, how they blend the coffee, and most importantly (and this is really where the women are separated from the girls/ politically correct phraseology) how they pack the coffee.

Coffee’s enemies are heat, oxygen, light and humidity. Therefore coffee that does not arrive in your restaurant in foil/film wrapped, hermetically sealed bags will lose its freshness within a day or two. BUT, packing equipment is very expensive to buy and run, and this where the difference lies between a roaster dedicated to ensuring freshness in your patron’s coffee cup, and one who does not have what it takes.

And now dear readers to summarize :

Correctly clean and calibrated coffee brewers (try saying that after drinking a couple of martinis)
Clear, pure, and great tasting water.
Good fresh coffee, from a hermetically sealed portion/fractional pack.

Follow these simple rules and your clients will leave with a smile instead of a grimace.

The Coffee Beverage Chicago Style

Coffee used to be just coffee. You used to have a choice of either black or white, with or without caffeine. Today when you decide which coffee beverage to indulge in choosing a coffee beverage can be very confusing. Some of your choices may be: an Espresso, a Latte, Mocha, an Iced coffee, or a Cappuccino. In Chicago they have a very strong special coffee which is very popular amongst the locals which is called Intelligencia coffee. It is a very potent coffee which is full of flavour and can be purchased almost anywhere even at gas stations and convenience stores. The best coffee house in my opinion is in Illinois and can be found at 3123 North Broadway Street.

The History Of The Cup Of Coffee

The coffee beverage was first consumed back in 1000A.D. but the first coffee shop didn’t open until the year 1475. In 1601 coffee finally made it to North America. In the year 1668 the coffee beverage became New York’s favorite breakfast beverage in place of beer and is now know around the world as a breakfast drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

You can buy coffee beans and grind them yourself or you can but them packaged already ground for you. The coffee beverage is also available in single packs much like tea bags, for those who don’t want to wait for the coffee beverage to brew, there are instant granules. There are also powdered versions of cappuccinos as well.

There can be a few factors to consider when choosing the best coffee. Depending on your mood, the time of day and where you are will help you get your coffee fix. If your in a hurry and don’t have time to stop in a gourmet coffee shop then you might want to go to a drive thru which can be found in coffee house in Chicago. There you will get the tried and true coffee beverage. Here are a couple of Chicago coffee houses you could try.

Espresso's Good, But Why Decaffeinated Coffee?

I love above all else to drink coffee, but I am still totally baffled why anyone would drink decaffeinated varieties. What about the needed and pleasurable caffeine rush? What would possess anyone in his or her right state of mind to give up on a good espresso for that dribble? Does this not take away the whole reason for drinking a decent cup of delicious coffee? I was soon to learn why this drudgery even existed. As I discovered pregnancy, I quickly developed a new taste for it. In fact, strangely enough, I actually really started to like it for the flavor alone. Weird, right? Hormonal reaction, maybe? That may have been a possibility, but you should read the rest.

Unfortunately, for everyone else, I cannot resist the insatiable urge to learn absolutely everything there is to know about pregnancy and how to avoid all known complications, diseases and anything, even the bubonic plague. Science said to avoid aspartame because how much of it was harmful was unknown. Luncheon meat was out because of a possible infection from listeria. Caffeine was the biggest fear – possible miscarriage. The fact is that you have to consume a minimum of three portions of normal coffee each day to do this, but it frightened me enough to settling for decaffeinated drinks and simple sodas.

Then, reaching my half-term point, I was horrified to discover through some television coverage that some decaffeinated varieties from coffeehouses may not be as caffeine free as they had claimed. Of course, it is obvious that there was some fractional amount of caffeine left in my drinks. However, I never dreamt that I was consuming close to that in the regular drinks. Then I discovered something else. In almost 60% of cases, the caffeine concentration in decaf was no different from the regular. As if that wasnt enough, scientists discovered that the problem lay in a cross-brewing process or the very brewing machines that had not been cleaned properly after the last batch. Normally that would not be a problem. However, in my case that was out of the question.

I understand now that during pregnancy my instincts to protect my unborn child left me now mad enough to eliminate any coffee types from my diet altogether, unless I made it myself. My pregnancy was to go undisturbed with any hint of decaf and that it frankly didnt help my moods during my last trimester.

A Coffee Cup- A Gift For All Occasions

Purchasing a coffee cup is a great gift idea for all occasions. You may want to consider giving someone you care about a coffee cup. It makes a great gift because it is so unique and can be customized to accommodate every occasion. The coffee cup can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, in all sorts of colours and patterns, including slogans and logos that are bound to impress or get a laugh from the recipient of this excellent gift idea. Try giving a coffee cup to a loved one today and watch their face light up as they begin to enjoy a hot steaming cup of tea in their brand new specialty mug.

The coffee cup or mug could that would be bought for a birthday or anniversary could be printed with the date of their special day printed on it or the coffee cup could have Christmas designs embellished on it to make a unique Christmas gift. Giving a Christmas cup near the holidays is a great way to get people to feel that Christmas spirit year round as they drink from their gift cup. Another great way to give a coffee cup would be a christening gift as you could commemorate the occasion with a photograph of the child on the coffee cup to give to the child when they are older.

There are also cups that represent local sports teams, organizations and charities. These make great gifts and can also be used to raise money for the sports fan or social club. You can choose a colourful and creative design featuring their favourite sports team’s logo and work from there to create an awesome gift experience.

Personalized cups: These types of coffee cups can be made personal to whatever extent you want to. They can have a photograph of someone or some special place printed on it or even a love poem or a picture of your pet. Imagine the exciting humour of drinking a cup of coffee from a coffee cup with your face on it!

Great Additions

Along with your coffee cup, there is a variety of coffee-related gifts you can consider giving. Easter is a good time to give a coffee cup as you can fill the cup with an egg or chocolates. You could also add coffee beans or tea in the mug as part of a package and string it together with a special bow. You can also give matching coffee equipment or other items that work well with the cup such as coffee makers or specialty coffee tools such as a grounds press that helps crush those beans into luscious ground coffee. The possibilities are endless in terms of giving a gift to the coffee lover in your family, so try it out with a basic coffee cup and work your way up. Your friends and family will be impressed at how thoughtful you can be!

15 Household Uses For Coffee Filters

Coffee filters can be used for more than filtering coffee. You will be amazed at the many other uses for coffee filters. These creative ideas are both money and time savers, and who doesn’t like saving money? Once you see the wide array of ideas you are sure to come up with a bunch more. Here are a few ideas for putting your coffee filters to use:

Coffee filters can be used as disposable bowls for snacks such as popcorn, chips or crackers, allowing you to save time.
You can use these filters if you run out of paper towels to clean windows, and they do an excellent job.

Heat up leftovers in the microwave and cover them with a filter. This will help keep your microwave clean.
Use coffee filters to absorb grease from greasy foods, they do the job perfectly.

Catch ice cream drips by using a coffee filter as an ice cream cone holder, it will absorb the mess.
Use like a Kleenex when you don’t have a tissue, it will get the job done when you are in a pinch.

Keep a few coffee filters in the trunk of your car, and you will be able to check the fluids with ease and avoid the mess.
Use them to clean your glasses, they actually work the best and won’t leave any lint on the lenses.

Make an air freshener by adding some baking soda and using a twist tie to secure the contents. Then put them in all the places you need to freshen up.

Use as small bowls to divide ingredients to ease the mess in the kitchen and making cleaning a breeze.
Use coffee filters to polish your shoes, this will keep them nice and shiny.

Us e them when you are packing breakable dishes, this will help protect them better than newspaper.
Use coffee filters as coffee cup covers when you are re-heating coffee to avoid any spilling or splashing. This will help keep your microwave looking its best.

You can use them to protect your counter when you are cutting vegetables, they will help make sure you are slicing the vegetables and not your counter.

Coffee filters can be used to help diffuse the brightness of the flash on your camera. This will help ensure that you get the best picture possible.

To Sum It Up

Coffee filters can be used for many things that you may never have thought of, so be sure to take advantage of all these extra household ideas, and you will indeed save time and money.

Columbian Coffee Recipes

So what is Columbian coffee really all about? The following guide includes some delicious recipes about Columbian coffee--information you can use now!

Coffee is on of Americas favorite beverages and becomes more popular as the years go by. So naturally you would be able to find different methods of preparing Columbian coffee. You can make all sorts of tasty treats with this aromatic drink.
Below are some of the most popular recipes that are highly used today in some of the most popular coffee houses across the world. Now, you can save money by making these Columbian coffee recipes come to life in your very own kitchen. Friends and family alike will be amazed at just how delicious your coffee treats taste.

100% Iced Columbian Coffee

Double strength Columbian coffee
Cracked Ice
4 tablespoons of sugar

Brew double strength Columbian coffee by simply adding 8 tablespoons of ground coffee to every 12 ounces of water.
Fill your electric blender half way with your chilled Columbian coffee and add the cracked ice.
Add the 4 tablespoons of sugar or sweetener and blend until you have a thick foamy coffee treat.
This recipe will give you approximately 4 servings, if you need more than that simply double or triple the recipe to suit your needs. This will became a fast favorite for the Columbian coffee lovers in your life.

Columbian Coffee Mousse

½ a cup of brewed 100% Columbian coffee
1 ¾ cups of milk
1 cup of heavy cream
1 package of unflavored gelatin
3 eggs; separated
¾ cup of brown sugar
¼ teaspoon almond extract
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
Coffee concentrates (1 cup ground to every 8 ounces of cold water)

Sprinkle the gelatin over a cup of cold water and let it soften while preparing the custard.
Heat milk to its boiling point in a saucepan. Beat egg yolks using a wire whisk or electric mixer. Pour the hot milk over beaten egg yolks slowly, beating constantly with wire whisk. Return mixture to saucepan, add brown sugar, and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until custard has thickened slightly, approximately 10 minutes. Remove from heat, and add gelatin to the hot custard and stir until dissolved. Add coffee concentrate, vanilla and almond extracts.

3. Transfer mixture to a bowl and refrigerate. Keep refrigerated and stir every five minutes until custard has thickened to the consistency of unbeaten egg whites, approximately 25-45 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, whip the cream until it softens and refrigerate.
5. Beat egg whites until they are stiff but not dry. Fold coffee custard base into egg whites. Gently fold in whipped cream. Pour mixture into 8 individual custard cups and refrigerate for at least 4 hours until set.
When you have finished, you will have created a delicious surprise for all to enjoy.

These recipes are by no means exhaustive but just a few of some of the worlds most popular Columbian coffee recipes. With just a little creativity and imagination you can take these recipes on Columbian coffee and develop many more! Enjoy.

Coffee-So Darn Expensive

I always cringe when that is the first question from a restaurateur, and my response is always the same - "Is price more important than taste"?

Consider the following - restaurants usually sell a cup of coffee for about one dollar. And when they pay $6.00 per pound for coffee, their cost per cup is about ten cents, (which means their profit is ninety cents). So the difference in their profit between $6.00 per pound and $3.00 per pound is the incredible sum of five cents per cup. However, the real difference will be in the taste of the coffee.

The taste difference is even greater with coffee brewed in an espresso machine since an espresso machine is an amplifier. It will highlight a really good coffee, but conversely, it will also amplify any faults with that coffee.

Remember, espresso is not a type of bean, but is a method of brewing coffee. Espresso coffee is tightly packed (7 grams), through which hot water (198 degrees F) is forced at high mechanical pressure (132 psi). The resultant one and a half fluid ounces is the elixir known as espresso, and many countries could be conquered before 9:00 am if their population were to be deprived of this magic "elixir"!

A commonly mistaken thought is that coffee used in espresso machines should be dark roasted - WRONG! When beans are darkly over-roasted, all the oils come to the surface giving the impression that the roasted coffee has been coated with grease. These oils contain much of the flavor of the coffee and when brought to the surface by over-roasting, they will be lost when handled, stored, and of course, when they are ground. Since coffee is really "cooked" three times, (the first during roasting; second when ground since the grinder creates heat; and thirdly when brewed), over-roasting will produce a bitter/burnt taste when brewed as an espresso.

Let me return to my original point as to why better coffee beans cost more. Coffee beans are an agrarian product, and like all crops they are subject to climate, soil, and growing and harvesting methods. Coffee plants that are treated better will produce a better crop.

Coffee harvested by hand will produce a higher quality product. A mechanical harvester only goes through once plucking ripe and unripe berries simultaneously. Manual harvesting takes place over a period of time and the pickers only pluck the ripe fruit, avoiding the unripe berries.

Sorting takes place at the plantation AND at the roaster. The better the sorting, the better the coffee. This process begins with the removal of stones (which can ruin your grinder), branches, leaves, poisonous spiders, (just joking, I think), and continues with the removal of broken, misshapen, and bad beans. This is critical since a broken or misshapen piece could roast quicker than the other beans, and will affect the quality of the finished batch.

Blending must take place after roasting. Different batches of beans from different plantations and countries will roast at different times and temperatures. Throwing different green beans together will result in some beans being under-roasted while others are burnt. Expert blending (or cupping as it is known) of roasted beans will ensure the best and most consistent flavor.

Packing the perfectly roasted and blended beans will ensure that you are sold the product in peak condition. Coffee begins to oxidize and lose its flavor and aroma as soon as the roasting process is finished. It's essential that the coffee is packed in lightproof and airproof bags that have been nitrogen flushed and/or vacuum packed. The bag should also have a unilateral valve to allow carbon dioxide to escape.

From the rambling monologue above, it's easy to see that short-cuts can be made to the coffee preparation process, but quality will only cost a few pennies more per cup. And remember - your coffee may be the last item that your customer tastes before leaving your restaurant.

Drink Coffee - It May Help Your Gout

You may yourself suffer gout or have a family member or friend who suffers this deadly affliction. If you have ever had gout you would well remember your gout attack.

Gout is excruciatingly painful. The sufferer suffers great pain and is often unable to walk on their extremities. Often the poor gout victim has to crawl on their hands on knees on the floor just to get around.

The person who suffers from gout is often told to change their eating and drinking habits. Eat less red meat, no organ meats, no beer or red wine, lose weight, no shrimp. Liver, herring, salami or corned beef. But did you know that being a heavy coffee drinker can also help, not hinder your attacks from gout and help you to get over your painful gout attack? Drinking the beverage you like in the morning – coffee may well help your painful gout. If you drink a lot of coffee you are almost half as likely not to suffer from painful gout attacks.

Coffee may help to keep you alert, increase your thinking performance, give you insomnia and agitation, let you enjoy some socialization with co workers, friends and family at that local “Tim Horton’s” Coffee Donut Shop as well with your colleagues and coworkers at the “coffee break” and help your gout.

Gout, as you know, is a most painful condition which is more than common. Gout is a common form of inflammatory arthritis which can occur in any joint in the body, but most commonly in the large joint of the big toe.

It has been rececently found that drinking coffee has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of gout. So if you suffer from gout and are a heavy coffee drinker – keep drinking that coffee and enjoy it.

Gout affects about 10% of men over the age of 50 and 10% of the women over 60. In a large 12 year study of nearly 46,000 health care professionals ( such as surgeons , doctors , nurses and pharmacists that were over the age of 40) it was found that the risk of gout was almost 60% lower for men who drank 6 cups of coffee a day compared to men who drank no coffee at all. Similarly for men who drank 5 cups of coffee a day the risk was reduced by almost 40%.

Interestingly the similar popular beverage tea did not have any effect in reducing gout. Decaffeinated coffee was helpful in reducing gout but not as much as the real high-test power regular non decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee is not only an enjoyable, tasty social beverage. It can also be most helpful with your health and in helping your gout condition and bouts of attack of painful gout.

Discovering Organic Coffee

Many people have turned to organic fruits and vegetables (and even meats) in recent years, striving to live healthier, longer lives. You may be one of these people. But did you know that organic coffee is now available, too? If you can't find it at your local health food store, then you can definitely find it online.

How Organic Coffee Differs From Traditional Coffee

The coffee plant has traditionally been grown in the company of shade trees and other food and cash crops. This approach made for healthier soil and prevented water contamination. Unfortunately, many coffee growers have abandoned this approach in favor of larger crops and hence larger profits. However, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers have become necessary to maintain these crops, and along with them the taste of the coffee has suffered, the soil has suffered, and no one knows the potential impact they may have on the future health of the coffee consumer.

In addition, the loss of the shade trees has had a direct impact on migratory song birds. While an obvious connection may not immediately come to mind, the relationship has actually been symbiotic. These birds used the shade trees as their habitat as they migrated, and as a result they provided a natural defense against many of the bugs and pests that can ruin a coffee crop. Without them, pesticides must be used to do the job.

Unlike the large, commercial coffee plantations, organic coffees are generally grown on small farms with plenty of shade cover. There are plenty of migratory birds to control insects, and pesticides are unnecessary. In fact, the United States requires that organic coffees be grown on shaded land and be completely chemical free for three consecutive years.

Tips For A Great Cup of Organic Coffee

Whole beans should be used within a week of purchase in order to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee.

Avoid vacuum-packed coffee, even organic vaccum-packed coffee. The process of vacuum packing cannot be done immediately after roasting. The coffee must sit for nearly a week before it can be vacuum-packed. This degrades much of the flavor.

Coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container, not on the shelf in the paper bag you brought them home with from the store. And in order to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee, you should grind only the amount you intend to use just before brewing.

Whole coffee beans that will be stored longer than a week should be placed in an airtight glass container that's kept in the freezer.

As with any coffee blend, organic or not, grind the beans according to the brewing method you intend to use. Keep in mind that if you grind your beans too fine your coffee may end up bitter and muddy; if you don't grind them enough, your coffee may end up flavorless.

Often overlooked, many people consider the most important step toward a good cup of coffee to be the proportion of water to coffee. Experts recommend 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water.

In Conclusion

While you will pay more for organic coffee, just as you'll generally pay more for organic fruits and vegetables, choosing organic coffee promotes the environment, the health of the coffee grower, and your health, too. Just as important for coffee drinkers everywhere: organic coffee tastes as good if not better than non-organic coffee.

The Power Of Coffee Roasters

No matter what the brand of the coffee that you buy and no matter how great the advertisement is, if you do not own a coffee roaster and grind the beans yourself, you are missing out on enjoyment and paying a high price for it.

Before the age of mass communication, before the age of advertisements, coffee roasters were all within the family, and they were the ones who roasted their coffee and enjoyed them wholeheartedly.

It's always been a good feeling to wake up every morning with a pleasant coffee aroma. But the coffee aroma that many of us woke up each day is usually the aroma that comes from a metal can or a ceramic jar. That storage could never compare to freshly-ground beans.

The difference is this: If you roast with your own coffee roaster, drinking your own roasted coffee is like biting into freshly baked bread. The opposite is experienced by people who don't have coffee roasters. For them, they drink coffee that's like eating pre-cooked popcorn that is rubbery to the taste.

It could be hard to believe now, because so many people had been used to buying instant goods that often cannot compare to freshly-roasted beans. Try it for yourself sometime, just for the experience. Even if at first you don't achieve the level of exceptional coffee roasters, the coffee that you made, even with all its imperfections, will still be much better than those that you buy from a grocery store. There is an extra incentive as well. You will save up to 50% of the cost of store-bought coffee.

Aside from making coffee that is half the cost and tastes much better, here are other reasons to become your own coffee roaster.

Everyone knows how delicious freshly baked bread tastes compared with the stale loaves. Serving as your own coffee roaster and drinking from your own roasted coffee is as big a difference as that.

A roasting coffee bean explodes with aroma that is without equal. It permeates the senses and stimulates you to wake up and face the day.

Instant coffee and other grocery-grade coffee will not leave such an aftertaste on your palate. If it ever does, it will only be for a short while, not so with a freshly roasted coffee. On the contrary, your palate will retain the delicious taste for most of the morning.

When you are your own coffee roaster, you can be assured the best quality coffee because you cannot help but make it special for yoursself. You can sample the gourmet coffees. They too are freshly roasted and are an excellent alternative to the pre-ground coffee that you buy. Even then, it will never be and can never be as fresh and as good as when you roast it yourself.

If you can boil an egg, you can roast coffee. It is really quite simple. Use a popcorn popper if you can't find anything to properly roast the beans with. Pour in the beans and let them roast. If you do not want it too dark, have it lighter by roasting it for less time. You can make adjustments for different coffee textures as you experiment.

The satisfaction that you will get will more than make up for the trouble that you have by roasting your own coffee. Ignore the advertisements and experience for yourself how superb coffee really is. After that, you will never believe the boasting of coffee companies who say they have the best coffee in the world.

A Brief Look At Coffee History

Coffee is probably one of the most popular beverages consumed by adults, yet many do not know coffee history very well. Understanding cofee history will make you appreciate that rich aroma you love so much. According to Arabic legend an Arabian goat herder was going about his daily activities when all of a sudden his flock of goats began dancing around a green leafy plant. The plant appeared to have cherries growing from it, the goat herder decided to give this fruitful plant a try. He noticed that he was experiencing a stimulating effect that allowed him to stay awake for hours. Once he let others in on his secret, they began using coffee for the same reason. It is said that once introduced to a priest, he began promoting coffee and its effects throughout the monastery for continued prayer sessions. Low and behold, we had an eye opening beverage that would soon become a frequent pick me up favorite.

Coffee History Begins in Ethiopia

Although many believe the goat herding legend as to be true in discovering coffees history, others need a more evidence than this to believe in when it came to discussing the history of coffee. Scientists have discovered botanical evidence that proves that coffee Arabica began in Ethiopia and then was somehow taken to Yemen, where it was then served up in the Mecca in one of the very first coffee houses in history since the 6th century. It became more of a personal favorite used for enjoyment, rather than putting it to use for its stimulating effects.

America Loves It

Wherever it originated, coffee is a popular choice of hot beverages. The number of coffee houses open for business now is amazing. There is one on every corner in America and is served in a variety of different ways. You can know get coffee drinks hot or cold, with or with out flavoring and it is made to order. Many prefer instant coffee when serving coffee in their homes. This shows just how far coffee has come since its history began.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee

Now it seems as though we are obsessed with coffee, you can find it everywhere. Coffee candy, coffee ice cream, coffee syrup, coffee creamers and the list will continue to grow. With coffee being such a favorite, did you ever stop to think that we had an Arabian goat herder to think for this rich tasting drink we all enjoy so much?

Coffee Franchises: To Own Or Not To Own

Coffee franchises have taken over in small business today as we know it. Every corner in every major city has a coffee house, most of these coffee houses are linked through coffee franchises. 81% of Americans will have been in at least 5 different coffee franchises in their lifetime.2.5% of the stock market are cornered by such businesses like the basic coffee house. We the public has definitely benefited from large coffee franchises, as they have benefited from us.

Small Business vs. Franchise Each has its own benefit. A small business owner has a lower overhead. This is ideal for profit margins. A single coffee house owner can expect to have up to 4 employees, this would be ideal, and they can maintain business with this type of crew. The average pay that a single coffee house owner can expect to pay out per employee could be anywhere from $5.75 an hour -$6.50 an hour. Usually a small business owner of this type can afford to hire part-time employees, therefore saving oneself the added costs of health benefit. Accidental insurance coverage for this low ratio will also be feasible. A coffee franchise has the benefit of name recognition. Everyone who is an avid coffee drinker has their favorite name brand coffee house. This makes availability for name product sales.

There are big tax breaks for large coffee franchises. This also makes room for more revenue, and having more revenue allows for a large company to hire more part-time employees. Having more employees has the benefit of making more products, and being able to sustain a larger clientele. To Each His Own If you ask your 80 year old next door neighbor if he or she prefers a large coffee franchise cup of coffee or the local small business owner’s cup, you may find that they will likely support the local favorite, the small business owner. There is some loyalty to the small business men and women today. Now ask the same question to a college student, who has just enough time to run to the corner (very accessible) large coffee franchise, which cup they prefer, you will likely hear them say the convenient, trendy coffee franchise. Not that the college student is less loyal, but maybe the new thing is a little more popular and a little more accessible. Now every one person must decide for themselves which is best for them, to support the larger business, or the smaller business. No matter which you choose, there will always be a new trend in java.

Small Business vs. Franchise

Each has its own benefit. A small business owner has a lower overhead. This is ideal for profit margins. A single coffee house owner can expect to have up to 4 employees, this would be ideal, and they can maintain business with this type of crew. The average pay that a single coffee house owner can expect to pay out per employee could be anywhere from $5.75 an hour -$6.50 an hour. Usually a small business owner of this type can afford to hire part-time employees, therefore saving oneself the added costs of health benefit. Accidental insurance coverage for this low ratio will also be feasible. A coffee franchise has the benefit of name recognition. Everyone who is an avid coffee drinker has their favorite name brand coffee house. This makes availability for name product sales. There are big tax breaks for large coffee franchises. This also makes room for more revenue, and having more revenue allows for a large company to hire more part-time employees. Having more employees has the benefit of making more products, and being able to sustain a larger clientele.

To Each His Own

If you ask your 80 year old next door neighbor if he or she prefers a large coffee franchise cup of coffee or the local small business owner’s cup, you may find that they will likely support the local favorite, the small business owner. There is some loyalty to the small business men and women today. Now ask the same question to a college student, who has just enough time to run to the corner (very accessible) large coffee franchise, which cup they prefer, you will likely hear them say the convenient, trendy coffee franchise. Not that the college student is less loyal, but maybe the new thing is a little more popular and a little more accessible. Now every one person must decide for themselves which is best for them, to support the larger business, or the smaller business. No matter which you choose, there will always be a new trend in java.

Following The History Of Coffee

The following paragraphs summarize the work of the history of coffee experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of coffee history.

Of the drinks available to people today, few are as famous as coffee. Perhaps the best source of caffeine short of the new energy drinks being developed, coffee is popular in a variety of places, from the home to the office, from small coffeehouses to swanky restaurants.

The history of coffee can only be tracked a little more than a thousand years, a relatively short period of time compared to alcoholic beverages, which have been consumed since prehistory, and tea, which goes back to over a thousand years BC. Despite this, coffee has spread throughout the world as a popular beverage. A look at the history of coffee will help to show how it became so widespread.

African Origins

The history of coffee begins sometime around the 9th century, with its origins in Ethiopia as a beverage. The legend of coffee is that Ethiopian herders noticed that their goats were especially perky after eating the berries of a particular bush, and thus got the idea to consume it as a stimulant. The reality is that coffee probably had already been developed as a drink by the 9th century as a natural result of cultivation of plants. From Ethiopia, the drink spread to North Africa, including Egypt.

Middle Eastern Success

The introduction of coffee to Egypt make it accessible to ports with trade to the rest of the Middle East, where coffee became a popular drink by the 1500s. Shortly after its introduction, Muslim authorities placed a ban on the drink due to its stimulant properties. But much like prohibition in the United States, the ban on coffee didn’t last and was later rescinded. At this point in history, though, tight controls on such a commodity were in place. Though coffee in its roasted form began to be exported to Italy and other European Nations, unroasted seeds and plants were forbidden to be exported.

Colonization and Coffee

This tight control over the export of coffee plants didn’t last. This period of the history of coffee ended when Dutch traders smuggled coffee seeds out of the Middle East in the 1600s, where it was planted on the island of Java, which is still a major exporter of coffee today and also shares its name with a nickname for the drink. Interestingly enough, as coffee plants spread to other European colonies, another century into the history of coffee, in the 1700s, the plant was smuggled to Brazil, which is still the largest exporter of the drink.

Coffee in America

The history of coffee in the United States follows that of early wars. Introduced there in the 1700s, coffee’s popularity didn’t take off until the Revolutionary War, when tea was scarce and colonists turned to other drinks. The drink again gained in popularity during the war of 1812 for similar reasons.

But the time when the history of coffee developed to where it was an American fixture seems to be during the Civil War, when demand was high enough that it became cemented as a beverage in many American households. Through colonization and wars, the history of coffee seems to follow that of the history of people, and its widespread popularity throughout the world shows that it is truly an international sensation.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of history of coffee. Share your new understanding about the exciting history of coffee with others. They'll thank you for it.

Coffee Machines

Coffee has long been a staple for waking up on sleepy mornings and getting through busy afternoons. Coffee houses are places to meet friends, make new acquaintances, plan futures and talk about the past.

It's no question that coffee is important in our lives. From decaffeinated brews to cap a quiet evening, to rich espressos to finish a meal, to supercharged cappuccinos, there are literally hundreds of coffee choices. Many of the more unique blends require special coffee machines to create the perfect brew. Hand-brewing machines and old-fashioned presses have enjoyed a renewed interest by coffee lovers. Many coffee drinkers are now using pod brewers that infuse hot water through coffee pads, while others prefer the old-fashioned drip machines. Cappuccino and espresso machines are also popular choices.

Drip coffee machines, however, are still the most popular because they are easiest to use. With this method, coffee rookies and aficionados alike can easily brew the perfect pot. The key to success in using drip coffee machines is to choose a permanent filter, such as gold and nylon models. With a permanent filter, the flavor molecules from the coffee grinds can pass freely through to the water. Another important advantage is that permanent filters leave no unwanted flavours. Cleaning a permanent filter after every use is required, but the delicious results are well worth the effort.

The problem with using paper filters in coffee machines is that they leave an unpleasant aftertaste in the coffee. Additionally, paper filters can absorb some of the special flavour molecules and aromatic oils from the coffee beans, essentially losing that rich aroma and tantalizing taste. If you must use paper filters, try rinsing them with hot water first, to wash away some of the aftertaste.

The best coffee brewed in drip coffee machines comes from a medium to fine grind. Measure the coffee carefully according to your coffee bean package or machine manufacturer's suggestions, and use water that is between 195 degrees and 205 degrees. This range of temperatures ensures the best extraction from your ground coffee...

Expert coffee makers will tell you that one of the tricks to brewing a great cup is to remove the filter and grounds before the last few drops of water have filtered through. In doing so, your java will be less likely to taste bitter or over-extracted. When the coffee has finished brewing, stir the pot before serving.

Coffee lovers agree that morning, noon or as a nightcap, anytime is the best time to enjoy a great brew. Using good quality ground coffee beans in the right coffee machines can help to ensure success in every pot.

Coffee Facts

A good cup of coffee is like fine wine and good quality cigars. There are various different types of coffee beans and these determine the flavors that the blend presents for the coffee connoisseur.

Many coffee makers blend a combination of the lower cost Robusta beans with the more expensive Arabica gourmet beans. The Arabica beans have a finer aroma, a richer flavor and more body than the less expensive beans.

The quality of the coffee is dependant on the proportions of the mix of these beans. Quite often a coffee might be advertised as a blend of gourmet beans and lower grade beans when in fact there are only small traces of the gourmet beans in the blend.

The gourmet beans gain much of their flavor from the soils they are grown in, with the best beans coming from the volcanic regions where the rich soils produce the best tasting beans.

Coffee should always be made from fresh beans as the quality diminishes rapidly with age. This is quite noticeable when comparing a supermarket grade coffee with a coffee made from freshly ground beans at a coffee shop. Bear in mind that the supermarket coffees generally have a lower blend quality and in many cases the blends also have a proportion of older beans to reduce the production costs.

The only way you can be assured of quality and taste is to buy fresh gourmet quality. Once you have acquired the taste for gourmet coffee you might never want to drink commercial grade coffee again.

You can buy coffee from many different regions throughout the world and each one has it’s own unique flavor.

Coffee aficionados can pick the region where the coffee bean was grown just by tasting it. The method of processing the beans also has an effect on the final flavor so you can’t always assume that a coffee will be good just because it came from a particular region.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages and more suppliers are catering to the needs of an ever-growing demand.

Why Buy A Round Coffee Table Or A Small Coffee Table?

When looking for a small coffee table or a round coffee table you need to first decide what the table is to be used for. Another consideration is where you will be placing your table and what size is your home and lastly what size is your budget. Finding the right piece of furniture to fill an empty space in a small room, and still be functional, a round coffee table or a small coffee table may be what you are looking for.

If you require the table to be a functional piece of furniture you will need it to be big enough to provide a place for coffee cups, bottles or snacks for every member of your family. A small coffee table or a round coffee table may not be big enough and you should consider a long rectangular table or two small square coffee tables. This decision of course rests on how many family members you have.

A round coffee table or a small coffee table may fit nicely into the junction of an ‘L’-shaped sofa, but it can also fit neatly near a wall and serve as an end table, depending on its size.

How Else Can You Benefit From Your Coffee Table?

There are other ways to benefit from your small coffee table or your round coffee table apart from providing a place to put your drink. They can be used to place a lamp or even used for card games. Children also benefit from a small coffee table and also round coffee tables as they can use them as a meal table or a games table as they are low.

The size, color and material of your small coffee table can be almost anything you desire. It can be made from wood, glass or metal and in any size. A large round coffee table would be best suited to a large room. Whether made of steel, plastic or wood a round coffee table or a small coffee table may also be fitted with a drawer or shelf underneath it, to hold magazines or childrens’ games such as cards, tiddlywinks and dominos. These tables can also be used to display a clock or an ornament, the list is endless.

The Coffee Gift Basket Is A Unique Gift For Anyone Who Loves Coffee

Coffee has changed over the years and is now available in so many different forms. We no longer have just decaf and regular to choose from. Coffee can be purchased as beans, powder, granuales, pods, sachets, and even fresh. Coffee is also available in many flavours and you can choose from espresso, cappucino, latte, Americano and many more.

There is so much variety that you could include in your coffee gift basket.

To Create Your Own Coffee Gift Basket

The following step by step instructions show you how to make your own coffee gift basket to really impress your friends and it does not cost too much either.

• Purchase a basket from any craft store

• Along with the basket you will also need to buy cellophane wrapping, colored tissue paper, ribbon, bow and items which make the coffee gift basket personal to the occasion. (for instance if it is a present for Easter you may want to consider buying a fury yellow chick or perhaps and Easter egg)

• Begin by lining your basket with the colored tissue paper.

• Arrange the coffee items in the basket starting with the bigger items at the back.

• Place the main item (ie the Easter egg)in the centre.

• Surround the main item with various smaller coffee items which could include such things as a coffee mug, coffee flavored chocolate or biscuits, coffee syrups, coffee cakes. You could even melt some coffee flavored chocolate over items that are of interest to the person.

• Decorate The outside of the basket in the theme that relates to the person the coffee gift basket is intended for.

• Once you are happy with the display of your coffee gift basket cover it with the cellophane, ribbon and bow.

If you would prefer to get your coffee gift basket made by a pro it will cost more money and may not have the personal touch that you can provide if you make it yourself. There are so many choices of coffee items that you can include in your coffee gift basket and so many varieties of coffee you could make them to suit your own budget. You could also add flowers or plants and even jewelry to make your coffee gift basket ultra special for the loved one in your life.

If you really do not like the idea of making the coffee gift basket yourself or you do not have the time to do so, many major coffee houses such as Starbucks will probably make one for you if you ask.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Makes A Great Cup Of Fresh Coffee

A single cup coffee maker can give a lovely cup of fresh coffee for people wanting just one on the run and who are in a hurry. They are easy to set up and use, they can have a fresh cup of coffee blended in just a couple of minutes and are sold in most convenient stores and garages.

Most single cup coffee makers claim to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee done in about a minute or so. The new coffee pods are pumped by hand and provide coffee lovers a cup of fresh coffee warm or chilled in a variety of flavors. These pre-measured packets filled with the right amount of coffee grounds make it easy and mess-free to make a cup of hot fresh coffee.

Several options are available with a single cup coffee maker, including the use of a thermal cup. A person puts a coffee pod into the machine, fills it with water and the brew flows into a thermal travel mug ready to take on the road in about a minute. Many single cup coffee makers have two pod holders and have the options of different varieties providing a cup of fresh coffee to suit everyones taste.

Coffee Machines That Not Only Make Coffee But Other Drinks Too!

The Tasssimo coffee machine makes cappuccino, espresso, crema coffee, hot chocolate and even tea while the Black and Decker Cup-at-a-Time personal coffee maker will brew your coffee into your own coffee mug using an included permanent filter and can also used for hot water for instant meals, which will give the single cup coffee maker another use which is especially good for use at work where there are several people.

The single cup coffee maker will cut down on wasted water and coffee as the cup of fresh coffee is dispersed in measured amounts. A wide range of prices is available for a single cup coffee maker ranging from kitchen models at around £35 up to far more advanced models costing hundreds of pounds.

The single cup coffee maker is also available in many styles and colors to fit the color scheme of the kitchen in which it will be used. There are some sold in a coordinated sets, which include the single cup coffee maker, toaster, kettle and blender, all with the same basic design and in the same color. Stainless steel models are one of the most popular ranges at the moment.

Coffee Club Membership Is A Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads. Each month, you will get a shipment of coffee delivered direct to your door. This is a great way to taste new coffees, sample different varieties, find a brew that you really like and ultimately avoid a trip to the store to buy your favorite coffee. Automatic shipment is very convenient, especially if you like your coffee first thing in the morning because this means you will never run out when you need it the most.

Clubs are now springing up all over America and different clubs have different offerings so it is easy to find one that suits you. Most clubs offer a coffee of the month and/or your choice of flavors. With flavors you can choose what coffee you want delivered each month, or allow the company to surprise you. Depending on the club, it could be your favorite flavor, or a different flavor every month. Amounts vary from company to company also. Usually it is one pound per month, but you can order more if you desire.

Some clubs even offer newsletter subscriptions with informative articles about the month's featured coffee as well as coffee recipes and helpful hints about coffee making and removing coffee stains. When you join one of these clubs, you are also usually entitled to a members-only discount. If the company has a sale or special offering, generally the club members will be the first to hear about it through the newsletter. In addition to coffee, gourmet coffee clubs sometimes include extras like coffee mugs or books with coffee recipes in them.

With clubs, the membership terms are usually fairy flexible. You can usually choose the length of your club membership, from three to twelve months, whether you want whole beans or ground, the type of grind you would like and finally, you can choose flavored or regular, caffeinated or decaf coffee. The choices are endless and are designed to cater specifically for each person’s tastes. This is more work for the club but at the end of the day is done to induce you to buy more coffee.

An idea for a coffee gift is a coffee club membership. This is where you purchase a subscription for a coffee of the month club, and your recipient gets coffee delivered to them each month. Gourmet coffee clubs make a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, or as thank you gifts. you are looking for a unique business gift, think about giving a coffee club subscription. Most people appreciate a good cup of coffee; it is enjoyed around the world. This is one gift that transcends borders. Your recipient will like the convenience of having the coffee delivered on schedule, without having to reorder all the time. If you give a club subscription as a gift, you will be able to send a gift card or letter to your recipient, notifying them of your gift membership.

Home Coffee Grinder Buying Guide For Serious Coffee Drinkers.

Serious coffee drinkers wouldn’t consider anything less than grinding their own beans at home. Grinding beans does take a bit more time but as any connoisseur will tell you, it is well worth the effort. The reason for this is that coffee beans like any other food product oxidize when they are exposed to the air. Once the beans have been ground they have a much larger relative surface area than the unground bean plus there is no outer layer of protection so they suffer this effect even more.

Consequently grinding beans at home produces the least exposure to air and hence the freshest grounds. In making the perfect cup of espresso what is important is that you grind only the amount you will use immediately.

There are three main types of Coffee Grinders which include the burr, blade and crusher designs.

Blade Grinders operate pretty much the same way as the ancient mortar and pestle which crushes and mashes the beans. As you would understand this method is not 100% effective because it produces grounds of uneven size. If you have other choices steer away from these models and go with the ones that have superior features.

Contrary to their name Blade grinders don't actually grind at all but rather chop. Being electric the whirling blades slice the roasted beans into smaller and smaller sections until they are reduced down to a small grain size. Unfortunately, you end up with grains that are invariably too large and of inconsistent size.

As a consequence the surface areas of the granules vary, releasing varying amounts of flavor oils when brewed. Another effect of slicing is often the production of excess heat because of the high speed of the blades. Friction warms the grounds and partially dissipates the aroma.

If you want to make the best grounds Burr grinders are by far the top model to buy for home use. This type of grinder has a pair of motor driven plates with pyramid-shaped teeth that grind the beans to an even small granule. With the better models they allow the operator to adjust both the size of the grain and the speed of the grinding which is important if you want to get your coffee grounds just right.

The really serious coffee aficionados will always prefer a burr grinder over any other even though they can be noisier to operate. The reason for this is because this type of grinder allows for the most control of bean grain size from coarse to fine through being able to adjust the speed. The best of the conical burr grinders can rotate as slowly as 500rpm.

When the home barista is considering buying other attributes to look for are solid construction, easy cleaning and low noise. A cleaning brush and removable upper burrs is essential as different materials used can affect how much static electricity is produced - this causes the grains to stick to the burrs and container.

If you are serious about producing the perfect brew and don’t mind spending a little extra time and effort to make a gourmet cup then a good quality coffee grinder is definitely worth considering.


Make A Quick Cup Of Coffee With An Espresso Coffee Pods

Why not pump up your next cup of coffee with a Dowe Egberts Switch Espresso coffee pod. If you enjoy coffee and espresso and you want to enjoy a quality drink at home these espresso coffee pods are ideal. The time it takes you to measure out the espresso, press them into your machine, make your drink and then clean up can be quite time consuming which is why the coffee pods are ideal. Espresso coffee pods are a quick way for you to brew quality espresso/coffee drinks without a lot of work or clean up.

What Is An Espresso Coffee Pod And Where Can You Find Them?

Espresso coffee pods are like pre-packaged coffee filters. The espresso or coffee is sandwiched between the filter paper, forming a pod about two inches in diameter. You use them in the same way that you would brew coffee in a traditional home coffee pot, only without the hassle of having to measure out grounds. However if you buy a Dowe Egberts Switch pod you do not even need a coffee machine. These pods are designed to be used on the go. They are designed to be ‘pumped’ with your thumbs to provide a frothy, creamy coffee. They are available in lots of different flavours and can be served hot or cold. With the other espresso coffee pods they need to be placed into a espresso coffee pod machine.You just pop the espresso or coffee pod into a compatible machine, and your work is done. Clean up is just as easy, since the only thing you have to do is throw away the espresso/coffee pod and rinse out your machine.

Equipment needed and where can they be found?

If you want to make an espresso coffee using an espresso coffee pod and not a dowe egberts coffee switch pod you will need to purchase a espresso coffee pod machine. Espresso coffee pods are designed to work with most machines so there’s no need to have to purchase anything new if you already own one. Basically espresso coffee pods are just making the process a lot faster and easier for you. Espresso coffee pods are available in most forms including Starbucks and Nestle. Espresso coffee pods save you time, without skimping on quality. You can still brew quality espresso or coffee, and you can enjoy that fact that is has already been packaged for you to brew right away. With the introduction of the new Dowe Egberts Switch coffee pods you also have the luxury of choosing speciality cold coffee as well as flavored espresso coffee pods. Bothe standard espresso coffee pods and dowe Egbert switch coffee pods can be purchased at your local convenience store and local garages.

For The Ultimate Space Saving Coffee Machine Try A Built In Coffee Maker

If you hate your worktops full of clutter, you need a built in coffee maker. This appliance can be used at all times while still giving you the space to cook or entertain. A built in coffee maker allows you to enjoy your coffee while maximizing the space around you.

The built in coffee makers are plumbed directly into the electric and water supply so there is no need to have to keep re-filling it like a standard kettle or coffee machine.
Built in coffee makers can be very expensive but they do have the added convenience of just having to press a button to get a steaming cup of hot coffee in seconds.

You can even buy a built in coffee maker that has a built in coffee grinder attached to it. This will enable your coffee to be brewed using fresh beans, however built in coffee makers like this can cost thousands of dollars.

Built In Coffee Makers That Do Not Require Plumbing

If you are unable to afford the huge price tags that some of the coffee machines are asking then why not opt for a built in coffee maker that does not require to be plumbed in. These are far cheaper and can be fitted to a wall or underneath a cabinet or even on a bracket. These built in coffee makers still keep your surfaces clutter free.

There are a few advantages to the more expensive models of a built in coffee maker as they usually are self-filling, adding just the right amount of water after each brewing. All the user need do is add fresh grounds and turn it on.

A built in coffee maker is very popular these days as coffee machines have seen a surge in sales and they are currently the 'must have' product for your kitchen.The coffee machines are available at almost every electrical store but it would be best if you shopped around and internet prices are generally much cheaper than those on the high street.