Friday, December 14, 2007

Why The Fish Tank Coffee Table Is Dreaded By Fish

If I were a fish I would hope and prey I did not go to a modern trendy home where the owners liked the latest craze. At the moment the latest trend is the fish tank coffee table. Although this type of aquarium looks stunning it is a death trap for fish. They are beautiful looking items of furniture and become the centre of attraction since you cannot fail to see and admire it.

Why the Fish Tank Coffee Table are Called Death Traps for the Fish?

The fish tank coffee table is a great piece of interior home décor; however, the same fish tank coffee table is actually murdering the fish. The reason they are cruel to marine life is because this type of aquarium gives very little place for installing proper filters, and it allows very little maintenance. The fish have height but they need the width as well in order to feel comfortable. The fish actually feel very uncomfortable if they have to swim between the different heights that make the fish tank coffee table.A solution to this problem would be mechanical fish.

If you do not want your fish in this type of aquarium to die a slow and very painful death then the best solution is to replace your live fish with mechanical fish. This way your fish tank coffee table stays as a splendid interior decoration piece without harming anyone or anything.

A Modern Looking Fish Tank Coffee Table

If you must have live fish in your fish tank coffee table then a large rectangular one would be best. This would also enable you to install adequate filters underneath the base of the table. This type of aquarium will be better for fish to live. So in order for the fish to be comfortable, they will need to be accommodated in a rectangular and long aquarium. The larger the surface the more fish can live in there.

Alternative Fish Tank Coffee Tables That Do Not Have Live Fish!

There is another choice for people who really must have a fish tank coffee table and do not like the idea of mechanical fish. You can fill a tank with colorful decorations and plants and add to it oxygen pumps which let out small and big bubbles. This, in combination with good lighting, can be as beautiful as an aquarium, without making you guilty of any cruelty. There are some lovely looking plants and colored stones and ornaments which are available to buy at very cheap prices and would really make your display the centre of attention.

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