Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coffee Shown To Causes Cancer

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life

Caffeine is the modern drug of choice in the work world, easily accessible, socially acceptable, readily affordable, and of course perfectly legal. As for the health effects, caffeine is addictive, and because it is acidic, it creates an environment in the body that is favourable for the development of cancer. If you already have cancer, GIVE UP THE COFFEE TODAY!!! There are gentle ways you can do this:

You can switch from coffee to tea. You still get the caffeine from tea, but not as much. Enjoy some good quality tea.

Next, make the transition from regular tea to caffeine-free (not decaffeinated) herbal tea. Herbal tea isn’t really tea, but it’s close. Celestial Seasonings offers a wide variety of flavors. I recommend getting a variety pack to see which kinds you like. You can do the switch abruptly, or use the gradual method above. Now you’re caffeine free.

Switch from coffee to grain coffee. Grain coffee is to coffee as herbal tea is to tea, and grain coffee is naturally caffeine-free. Grain coffee isn’t real coffee, but it’s a ground mixture of things like grains, nuts, dried fruit, and natural flavors that you can put into a regular drip coffee maker and make something that looks and tastes similar to coffee.

A great way to transition to grain coffee is to mix it with regular coffee as you scoop the dry grounds into your coffee filter. So if you use 4 scoops of ground coffee normally, then try 3 scoops of coffee with 1 scoop of grain coffee for the first week, and continue to transition gradually as in the first method above.

Part of the addiction of coffee drinking is having a warm beverage, so the two methods above focus on that. I really like having something warm to drink, especially during the winter.

Don’t use decaffeinated coffee or tea because known carcinogens are used in the decaffeination process, and decaffeinated drinks are still highly acidic.

Why Give Up Coffee at All?

I can’t ignore the energy boost and mental acceleration that comes from caffeine. There are negative side effects with drinking coffee. Caffeine makes part of the brain overactive and another part underactive. You become good at doing things, but very bad at prioritizing what needs to be done. If I drink a lot of coffee, It’s hard to focus on the big picture from a holistic whole-brain standpoint.

Caffeine blocks your intuition and creativity. If you have to sit down and do high-level work like developing your next quarterly plan, caffeine will reduce your ability to concentrate. Your mind races too much on caffeine; it’s hard to stay focused on just one thing.

Additionally, caffeine definitely disrupts sleep habits. You just don’t sleep as well. With no caffeine, you sleep more restfully and wake up easily.

Cancer has been shown to be a substance that creates a favourable environment for cancer to develop. It is time to give it up for more health-enhancing beverages.

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