Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coffee Tables – They Fill The Void In Front Of Your Couch

Besides places to sit like sofas and chairs what is the most common piece of furniture you will find in a living room? That’s right it’s a coffee table or cocktail table. Usually low and made of wood coffee tables are an essential to living room comfort.

When choosing a coffee table there are many things to consider. For instance if you are going to rest your feet on it or eat on it you have to consider the height. Too high or too low and both of these activities become difficult and uncomfortable. You need to consider the size of the sofa you are placing it in front of so you purchase one that is neither too big nor too small. Do you have pets that will chew, scratch or jump on your coffee table? If so you might want to look at something that is durable and easy to clean like a wrought iron base and thick glass top.

When taking these things into consideration, you also need to think about what material you would like your coffee table to be made of. Solid wood is pretty sturdy and available in varying finishes and paint colors. Glass is elegant but fragile and wrought iron can be elegant and rugged. A leather top adds richness and sophistication to your living room while sea grass adds a touch of the tropics. Once you have decided on the aforementioned variables you can look at shape. Do you want the traditional rectangle shape or maybe round or oval. Perhaps you want a simple square or one with funky curves and angles.

Next you need to consider if you need storage. Some coffee tables come with drawers, others shelves, some lift open to reveal lots of storage almost like a trunk and others have cabinets. You can store anything from magazines to remotes and they’ll always be close at hand. Once you have decided on what kind of coffee table you want you can begin shopping.

Rather than driving to every furniture store in town why not shop online? Not only will you find the largest selection to browse, but you will also find the best prices so you can compare and save. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and your new coffee table will be on its way to your door.

So whether you want the unique and elegant look of a coffee table with a working clock in it or the old world look of hardwood topped with fossil stone you’ll find them both and more online.

You probably can’t imagine a living room without a coffee table, so now is the perfect time to find a coffee table that you can’t imagine your home without. Find one from the many coffee tables available that speaks to you, that makes you feel something, that meets your needs; that you love. Fill that void in front of the couch with a functional, tangible work of art. It has never been easier to make your coffee table dreams come true.

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