Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coffee Wedding Favors

Think for a second about your daily routine and try to picture everything you do in the morning. You probably get out of bed and make some coffee so you can really wake up and get going on all the things you have to do during the day whether it be working in the office or working out at the gym, you count on that morning cup of coffee to really start your day off with some energy. So, it seems like you might have found the perfect wedding favor for the guests you care so much about.

Help them be successful in their daily endeavors by helping them out with their daily coffee in the morning. Try giving out special brews or coffee accessories such as mugs, scoops, measuring spoons, or even special sweeteners.

Don’t be afraid to break out of tradition and give your guests what you know they really want…something they can use every day, something that will help them. They’ll remember your wedding every time they take a sip of their freshly brewed coffee.

Maybe some of your guests are tea drinkers, possibly some just have never gotten used to the taste of coffee. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find unique teas and tea wedding favors online, just like you can find personalized coffee brews and sets. If you’re still wondering how it’s possible to give your guests the gift of brewed success, then check out some of these wedding favor suggestions.

Personalized Coffee Packets:

These packets of coffee come sold in a pack of 12 and each individual package brews 8 to 10 cups of coffee. The front says “Premium Blend” and the names of the bride and groom; a testament to the eternal bond that you enter into on your wedding day. These packets of coffee are aesthetically pleasing and go perfectly well with any wedding theme. Try putting them into a cup and saucer set that you pick out to match your personal style or theme to make these wedding favors really pop out at your guests but fit into your dream.

Personalized Tea Bag Favors:

For the guests at your party that don’t drink coffee, but still need a caffeine fix in the mornings, try these genuine Lipton teas that come in cute personalized (name and date) bags with snowflake images on the front. Make the bags fit into your theme with a choice of five different colors. Each tea bag has the simple message of “thank you” printed on it to remind your guests of why you have blessed them with this delicious tea.

Personalized Perfect Blend Coffee Kit:

This kit includes a two ounce bag of premium Colombian blend coffee in a personalized bag that is either dressed in a tuxedo to represent the groom or a wedding dress to represent the bride. Each bag also comes with a heart-shaped coffee scooper that will make brewing coffee easier and more memorable for the most important part of your party -- the guests.

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