Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roasting & Blending Coffee

Roasting & Blending Coffee

If sourcing green coffee is a little like botany (and it is!) then roasting and blending is more akin to alchemy.

Roasting is a craft that's part art, and part science. It involves matching roast temperature and time with a given bean to maximize its potential. When you start with beans of great character, it's crucial that you roast them appropriately, so as not to obscure the coffee's origin flavors and aromas.

That's precisely what we do... in fact, we call our approach, Appropriate Roast™. Even our darkest roasts (our French Roast, for example) take care always to respect the integrity of the coffee.

We apply the same principles to our blends. We roast and blend carefully to develop the unique character of all of a blend's origin coffees.

The result? A large and varied palette of flavors to blend with. It's that palette that makes it possible to create our signature blends, like Vermont Country Blend® and Nantucket Blend®. It's extra effort, sure... but we think you'll agree it's worth it.

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